Videochatxxx live free Gavin Hackwood 36 from Newport South Wales spent 96 minutes trying to cancel his Sky contractA customer who spent 96 minutes and 3800 words trying to end his contract with Sky TV has said his experience with the provider was a nightmare.Gavin Hackwood 36 from Newport South Wales logged onto the Sky online chat service believing he would be able to cancel his subscription in a fairly simple fashion.But an hourandahalf later the fatheroftwo was still engaged in a war of words with the Sky representative who refused to allow him to leave the provider without going through the process.Mr Hackwood had told his operator Rachael from the outset that he had no interest in staying with the company after finding a cheaper deal with rivals Virgin which would save him 23 a month.But the dogged Sky employee continued to ask him a series of ridiculous questions in a rigmarole which took more than an hourandahalf.Eventually Rachael broke the news that Mr Hackwood was not allowed to terminate his deal becau

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Looking for adult chat rooms Go to pageMumsnet has not checked the qualifications of anyone posting here. If you have any legal concerns we suggest you consult a solicitor.Neighbour Dispute Cooking Smells Advice needed 73 Posts Add message ReportMaisyMooCowFri 14Sep12 232101We live in a semi detached house. Our neighbour cooks strongly fragranced foods which seem to seep through our walls into our hallway bathroom and front bedroom. All these areas connect to the party wall. We have another wall separating the staircase from our lounge which seems to prevent the smell spreading further. The neighbours dont have this wall it was knocked down so their entire ground floor is open plan. The neighbour doesnt open windows or doors when cooking and they dont have an extraction fan either.We have to open all upstairs windows to clear the smell. During the summer if there is a breeze then it clears however if not it hangs in the air. In the winter we waste so much money heating the house only to end up opening the windows to ventilate.All this occurs regularly around 4 times a week and lasts at l

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